Excited about my recent membership to the conservation group Masterworks for Nature

It's pretty exciting to be welcomed into Masterworks for Nature, a group compiled of Cincinnati area nature artists, such as John Ruthven, DeVere Burt, Linda Bitner, Anne Geise, John Agnew, Christopher Walden and many more amazing artists, who donate time and a percentage of their proceeds to conservation efforts. This fall we will be accepting the Wood Thrush Conservation Award from the Cincinnati Nature Center.  An exhibition of our work will accompany the award event which will remain for only one week. The opening is Sunday 10/1, 2-5pm, $50.00 per person, $100 patron level.

Event and art sale proceeds benefit the Helen C. Black Conservation Fund which helps Cincinnati Nature Center protect and acquire additional land.

Check out the MWN website: masterworksfornature.com