Isn't is a relief to leave the crush of people ?

"Respite"  East Fork Branch of the Little Miami River.  16x13" colored pencil on 4ply mat board.  

Someone suggested that I should place  a person in a canoe on the river and or include a Great Blue Heron.  I decided  to take the suggestion of the Heron, as I was considering adding a bird.  Riverscapes are interesting on their own, but adding an inhabitant increases the understanding of a place.  And I've seen many Herons in this area.

As to the canoer: the river is bloated after a series of unprecedented storms. It would take a pretty irresponsible person to embark in a canoe.  The current which appears  placid on the surface  moves quickly, obscuring submerged roots that could easily snag and overturn a small craft. The fact that the viewer is the only human presence is reminiscent of a few centuries prior, when humans and their structures were less invasive. Isn't it a relief to leave the crush of people to experience this place alone?