SAA Annual Exhibition 2017

This is one of my  entries to The Society of Animal Artists 2017 Annual Exhibition.  Wouldn't it be wonderful for it to be accepted? Don't count on it.  One never knows what the judges will choose.  Did they eat breakfast, do they like cats, do they already have 100 cat submissions?  It's best to keep an open mind and and a well armored ego.  This is what artists must do to gain recognition. Wish me luck!

 Stripes Hooligan, 13x16" colored pencil, artist reference ©Margi Hopkins 2014

Stripes Hooligan, 13x16" colored pencil, artist reference ©Margi Hopkins 2014

The Mini and the Mighty Exhibit Opens November 25th 2016

Photographer Rob Coomer and I are participating in a two person exhibit called THE MINI AND THE MIGHTY opening the day after Thanksgiving 11/25/16 at Row House Gallery, 211 Main St. Milford Ohio, 45150,  Rob covers the MIGHTY aspect with his monochromatic photos on distressed steel -some of them over 60" long.  He is well known for cave photography as well as just about any subject that strikes his fancy, from airplanes to dilapidated buildings- real "guy" stuff and well worth the trip out to see his work!  Mean while, I cover the MINI with over twenty miniatures of varying snap shot subjects of farm and landscapes, animals and etc. from the East Coast and Gulf of Mexico to Ohio. Each piece is beautifully and individually framed using museum glass to show off every mark.  There's plenty of contrasts and variety in this show. I'm so excited to see what your reactions will be!

The Buzzards of Shor Park, approximately 16 x 4", Colored Pencil on Linen.


New website!

I'm launching my new Pepper Portraits website.  Tell me what you think.  If you miss seeing something that lived on my old site, let me know. Meanwhile,  I'm starting a series of miniature paintings measuring approximately 3x5". This allows me to both explore ideas quickly while creating affordable gems for my clients.