Lets talk about criticism

For a person, it's hard take criticism, right?  For an artist, it is part of the job.  My art is infused with well, me, my soul, my feelings and everything that got me to this place.   So, when I show someone my work in progress or the final piece, it's like putting my neck on the chopping block and asking the executioner to please make it quick. It has to happen- that comment that is meant to be helpful:  Husband, "Why did you use a fabric surface? How are you going to make this shiny?"  Me, "ummm the little white dots." 

What appears pretty obvious to me, doesn't always work for my husband.  However, it makes me take a second look at my technique.  With hours behind me and many more in front, I better make this thing shiny. Crab shells, as he pointed out, are shiny!

Then, there's that blank expression that means you failed to illicit a response of any kind.  Bleck, it's awful, but happens often enough. For example, if you write a message to your friend in latin and she doesn't speak latin, then you can't expect much. In testing response along the way, the artist can gauge how well the art might be received.  Which brings me to my next point. Just because one person doesn't respond well, doesn't mean the art isn't good. The reality is art is a form of communication that not everyone will understand. I may love everything about the finished painting, but the viewer may not.  Art is subjective. Criticism is relative. But, you have to listen anyway, take whatever is useful, then ignore the rest. Like I said, "Make it quick!"

WIP Top of the Heap
Source: WIP Top of the heap colored pencil