Kevin's View

This little 9x19" piece of Bailey's Island Maine (or near there anyway) was painted from one of hundreds of reference photos taken there this summer.  My husband and I were guests of some dear old  friends. They kindly tolerated my habit of banging through the kitchen, making coffee at the crack of dawn, so I could scramble around their property with the camera. Once they arose at the alarmingly late hour of 10:00 am,  they drove me up and down the coast, combed beaches and took me out on their boat to find Harbor Seals.  I didn't waste one second of my time there. I painted this little gem to fit a skinny gold leaf, antique frame given up by its previous owner. (I'll post a photo of the finished version, once the rest of the materials are in. ) It is fun to use the occasional woopsies and discards. I have a strong need to repurpose stuff. Given a predetermined size, color pallet and style, forces me to change up my routine.  It's an interesting exercise.