Doberman Pincher WIP

Lucy is coming along.  Her coat colors are a gigantic challenge. I have hundreds of colored pencils rolling around on the drafting table! The use of mineral spirits was crucial. Tweaking will come later. I am going to set this aside for a little while to work on something else.  Plenty left to do, but I'm "Artist blind."

Who Rescued Whom available in Giclee prints.

The overwhelmingly  positive reaction to this painting astonishes me.  Who Rescued Whom has been hanging in the library of LSU's School of Veterinary Medicine since the end of March, where it was exhibited in their annual International Exhibition on Animals in Art and won Judge's Award.  One person actually cried when she entered the library and saw it for the first time. She said it reminded her of her dad who had just passed. I knew the composition had potential, the day I came upon Willie and Tucker basking together in the afternoon sun of their first few hours together.   Their expressions spoke volumes to me.  What I didn't expect was that in capturing this moment, I was able to share it in a deep emotional way with complete strangers.

Upon the request of  family members I had a professional photographer make  giclee prints.  The original is awaiting its new home. If you took the time to read this blog and are interested in a print, comment back and I will give you pricing and dimensions.  Thanks for reading!




Who Rescued Whom wins People's Choice Award

This piece won Best in Show at the recent CPSA District Chapter 119 exhibition.  It also won People's Choice.  Sometimes I get it right.