Sink or Swim

Here is Preston the Welsh Corgi, 12x14" colored pencil on linen, my reference photos.  This was a custom portrait created for the best of clients who expressly encouraged  me to paint whatever made me happy; thus the unusual angle and wet fur. The client, myself and her two dogs, spent hours walking and photographing at two different locations, until I had many beautiful reference shots from which to choose. My art needs a story and Preston provided one when he unexpectedly  followed his housemate, a Labrador Retriever, straight into the river. Corgis are all chest and no legs. Preston had never been beyond wading. He sank like a stone, then bobbed to the surface. The swimming technique, newly minted, added to the hilarity of  Preston's alarmed expression, but he arrived safely to the water's edge soaking wet and disgruntled.


Chubs a 12 year old Corgi with lymphoma, lasted longer than expected. He held on through Christmas 2012 for a family reunion and beyond- spending his last months with his best friend, who was parted from him and sent to Afghanistan early this year. Soon after, Chubs quietly let go and passed on. His boy, my nephew, is returning to the states in a few months.  This is a gift. Sh-h-h-h! 

This piece launched my career.

This is "Rude," pronounced Rudy.  He  belonged to a veterinarian for whom I worked many years.  The little 8 x10"painting was a thank you gift for allowing me to advertise my work in the office.  The piece was later chosen to be the cover of JAVMA (Journal for the American Veterinary Medical Association.)   One of my more popular images, I have sold many Rude prints.