Thoughts about social media from a "non joiner."

For many years I have belonged to an artist's FB page.  Today the honeymoon is over.  With all groups,  comes politics. I have spent my life running away from groups, from sorority to PTA.  I do not do well in them.  I skim read  social cues, choosing what I think important and almost always find myself in trouble with someone. I am not very consistent in anything I do, especially when it comes to understanding rules. My intensions are good, but unfortunately in groups, rules are more important than positive input, good energy, insightful discussion. One would think that in a social media forum, one could hide behind the cloak of internet space, that things would not become personal.  Nope. In fact, without context or facial expression, comments on a FB page can become that much more powerful. The writer must be oh so careful!  When words take on their own meaning outside what was intended, there is no catcher's mitt on the internet. So now I am in the position of deciding how much I need the interaction among other artists on a FB page.  Though I made many "friends" there, are they?  Yes, one must be very careful.