Coming soon in Ann Kullberg's Hidden Treasures II, "Waiting"

"Waiting", 19x30" Colored Pencil on Rag Mat Board, recently earned me my CPSA Signature Status by being included in the CPSA International Exhibition last summer.  This was my third entry to be accepted  within a ten year period. Ann Kullberg has selected "Waiting" to be included in her Hidden Treasures II book coming soon. This will be my third time published in her books. The other two, "Cleese's Teeth" and "Thomas Interrupted", are found in CP Treasures I and II. These may not be earth shattering, New York Times Best Sellers, but in the colored pencil community they mean a lot. I am happy to be included and by the way, so are Rags, Stewie and Ginger, Thomas and Cleese. Thank You Ann!