Go quickly!

This is a little piece I started Friday and finished today.  It measures 10 x 6.5" and was painted on a silk mat board. Due to texture and reflection it is a little difficult to photograph. This is the best I can do today.  Anyway, the point is, after hours and hours of work on a bigger piece, with no end in sight, I decided to stop for a bit to do something easy and fun.  This is called Roadside.

Brooklyn Blanket.

This is Linus again.  The reference photos were taken by his mom.  "Brooklyn Blanket" is 9x8" colored pencil on fabric.  It came from the same series of photographs  used to paint the previous posting "Brooklyn Light." And if you look back further in my blog you will find  a very poor photograph of a graphite study triptych done from the same series. The first, "Brooklyn Light," was a commissioned portrait, "Brooklyn Blanket" was created to use as an artist demonstration:  painting with colored pencils and slovents on linen mat board.  It will be published in September's issue of Ann Kullberg's CP magazine.

WIP For Ann Kullberg demo, CP on linen.

This is the 4th shot taken of my work in progress. I plan to use this to accompany an artist demonstration for Ann Kullberg's cp magazine this fall. I'm painting on linen mat board. So far no solvents have been used. This will probably end up around 8x10" The reference photographs were taken by my daughter of her cat Linus.

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Cincinnati Enquirer, Hometown section, June 15, 2013, pg. 57!

Its pretty incredible to find an article about oneself in the newspaper. What a charge and an honor!  I'm hoping the exposure will send new clients my way via Row House Gallery! http://local.cincinnati.com/share/story/205971

Ears to be the cover of JAVMA June 15th edition!

JAVMA, the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association has chosen Ears for their June 15 2013 edition. This is my second cover for the journal.  It is so much fun to have a magazine delivered to the vet office where I work, featuring my painting!