Accepted into the 22nd Annual CPSA International Exhibition in Daytona Beach Florida

This is "Waiting"  30x16", Prismacolor, Bruynzeel and Luminance pencils on rag mat board. I'm excited about this folks!  This means I become a CPSA Signature member! Rags, Ginger and Stewie are excited as well: my three beloved rescues who've managed to make it BIG.

Letter to the Editor

This wonderful letter is found in the current issue of JAVMA and refers to last month's issue (June 15) which featured Ears on the cover. The ears have it

I wanted to say that the artwork appearing on the cover of the June 15, 2013 issue is in my opinion one of the most beautiful pieces of art that you have ever published.  Margi Hopkin's colored pencil drawing of the cat entitled "Ears" had gorgeous detail and was stunningly realistic, likely a result of her great talent as well as her close observation of the feline form during her work as a veterinary technician.  I would love to see more of her work featured in future issues.

Michele Rosenbaum, VMD, DACVD- Webster NY



Graphite Study and decision making.

When I start a commission project, I often create a preliminary sketch. Here, my client provided several photographs, with lighting so interesting, we could not agree which was our favorite. Hence, the vertical triptych idea came to be. This drawing, though time consuming, was critical in making  compositional decisions. It also allowed practice rendering. And as much as I love the concept, the piece ended up too big for my client, who preferred to go with the central cat shown in the sketch. Good thing I didn't just jump into the project without exploring options first. Now I'm left with this 11x 28" graphite on watercolor paper, just waiting for a frame.  Should I make the investment?

Brooklyn Blanket.

This is Linus again.  The reference photos were taken by his mom.  "Brooklyn Blanket" is 9x8" colored pencil on fabric.  It came from the same series of photographs  used to paint the previous posting "Brooklyn Light." And if you look back further in my blog you will find  a very poor photograph of a graphite study triptych done from the same series. The first, "Brooklyn Light," was a commissioned portrait, "Brooklyn Blanket" was created to use as an artist demonstration:  painting with colored pencils and slovents on linen mat board.  It will be published in September's issue of Ann Kullberg's CP magazine.

WIP For Ann Kullberg demo, CP on linen.

This is the 4th shot taken of my work in progress. I plan to use this to accompany an artist demonstration for Ann Kullberg's cp magazine this fall. I'm painting on linen mat board. So far no solvents have been used. This will probably end up around 8x10" The reference photographs were taken by my daughter of her cat Linus.

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Finished? Perhaps. Linus

I took a picture of this painting early this morning in diffused light.  The sun wasn't over my house yet.  I  will try again later when I  can use the garage doors to bounce light.  This is a bit washed out. Any way, what do you think?  The measurement is roughly 11x14"  Mostly colored pencil with a bit of white gouache here and there for highlights.