Ancient Apple- a portal.

This is an ancient apple tree that arches over a path to the sea. A much appreciated comment, by an amazing cp artist, Julie Podstolski, described the scene as Narnia. That's all she said, "Narnia." Somehow she got my intent. It is said that there is a strong spirit residing in this gnarly sentry. A study for a larger piece I plan for the future, it comes from one of many reference shots taken this summer, on the Maine property of dear friends.  It is painted with Prismacolor and Luminance pencils on linen mat board.

Signed, but never quite finished.

Here's the signed version.  I have since obscured  the eyes that seemed to peer out from the tree. But, one thing I missed, was the compositional no-no of placing the vertical line of the tree right down the middle.  By the time I noticed it was too late. Hopefully the Lillies and light draw your attention away from my faux pas. Now off to the framer.